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Monday, August 16, 2010

Sunday Recap!

Had a pretty good weekend, kind of gorged on Doritos the one day though : ( Oh well, not going to fret about it, Sunday was an extremely productive day = D

Woke up around 6:30AM (Sunday), no flipping idea why, was like WIDE awake. So I decieded to get up and take the dogs for a walk. Weather looked ok, was a tad cloudy but about 1/3 the way through it started to pour, and I don't mean like a little rain, like I was DRENCHED, could barely keep my eyes open, the dogs are just prancing away loving it and I'm like soaked! Finally eased up a bit but kept raining on us, stopped like RIGHT before we got home lol and then it turned into a super sunny day lol.
Very wet lil pups lol! .. K not so little. After that lil adventure I was kind of starving (1 hr walk in disaster weather will apparently do that to you) So I made myself a filling and hearty breakfast. Oatmeal w/ sliced banans and some Peany Butta, Yums, OH! And a nice cup of tea w/ Skim Milk and Splenda (Evil I know) on the side to warm myself up.

Ate breaky and watched a bit of tv for awhile while the dogs dried off in there travel houses downstairs, then I got a bit of a mad cleaning urge and started to go bananas. Completly emptied the fridge and gave it a good srub, did dishes, washed floors, vaccumed, did sheets, dusted and sorted the recylcing all before noon! Then I got my nails done across the street, I have to admit, if I didn't have someone living directly across from me who did gel nails, I'd never get them done, or keep them up, it's just not something that I have time for really but it's so easy when it's just a quick zip across the street : )!

Then I made some lunch for the Silly Boyfriend (who got up at 12:30!). We had some tuna wraps and some veggies, his lunch was about 3x as much as mine lol.

After lunch we went and did some grocery shopping, stocked on our meats this trip (Extra Lean Ground Beef for Sketti's, Taco's Etc, Chicken Breasts and Pork Chops) I'm not a huge pork fan but it really hits the spot once in awhile. After grocery shopping I finally sat down to relax for a bit (legs were killing me, not sure why) and played some Hot Shots Golf on the PS3 with the boytoy, we were both playing a horrible game lol I think we had a setting changed or something because normally the boyfriend is super good at that game lol. I was feeling perdy lazy so I got up and decided we should take the babes to the dog park for a good run, they just LOVE it there, Raider always goes balistic and runs non stop the entire time, then we he's tired and wants to go home he'll wander over to the gate and wait for me lol! Rayne just likes to say hi to everyone so she kind of just wanders around. Got home from there just before dinner time and kicked into cooking mode. Made Greek Salad, Pork Chops, Rice and Broccoli, Delicious!
Decieded to relax after dinner, watched Iron Chef, they were making some very odd, yet delicious looking food lol. Dairy Queen commerical came on and the boyfriend wanted to go grab a Blizzard but when we got there the line up was RIDICULOUS so he decided to go to McDonalds and get a Mcflurry. I hadn't planned on getting anything cause icecream doesn't like me at all but I decided to have a Yougart Parfait which really hit the spot.
Was insanely tired by 9:30 so I crawled into bed to cuddle with my hunny and was out by 10. Woke up around 630 feeling fabo this morning, definetly was a fabo Sunday = D

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