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Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Monday!

I'm not even in one of those, "Ugh It's Monday Moods" today. In an oddly good mood lol. Pretty excited to get home later and see my babes, take them for a nice walkies : ) It's weird how a day of eating good and getting lots of exersize can make you so.. I dunno I guess just in an "up" mood but then on the days your feeling down it's so hard to just get up and do something even though you know it will make you feel like WAY better.

Emailed about an Office Admin Diploma today. Office work isn't really MY thing but I'm just not in the position right now to be going back to school fulltime to do what I'd really like to do (Nursing) and I'm so good with computers and just dealing with people in general so it works for now. The diploma would almost garuntee me a job with the City and they have excellent benefits and paid vacations and stuff, plus there is SO much room for advancment. And it's an online diploma so I wouldn't even have to stop working to do it, apparently you can complete it in about 8 months. We'll see what they say when I get a responce, I had a couple questions I asked.

Breakfast was simple, and I forgot my bowl at home this morning so I kind of had to improvise lol Oatmeal w/ PB and sliced Banans and I grabbed a coffee on the way to work, put in about 1/2 the creamer I usually do and it was actually still extremely yummy : )

I think sometimes with coffee I put in so much creamer (Hazelnut Flavour) that it almost overpowers the coffee and seems to always give me a headache. I think it's really the sugar in coffee that's been bothering me and not the coffee itself.

I had planned to have Greek Salad for lunch (Leftovers from night before) but my Boss asked me to zip over and grab him lunch for the cafeteria cause he was stuck in meetings and they had my all time fav soup "Thai Chicken Curry" so I was all over that lol! Delicious as usual!

I wasn't in the best mood on the drive home so I wasn't real motivated when I got home, ended up lounging on the couch for about an hour munchin' on some grapes, they were so yum and crunchy!
After the grapes I found some energy and took the daglins for a walk, about 50 mins, no rain this time lol! I had planned to make tacos for dinner but wasn't really feeling it so I opted for a Stir Fry, was super delicous and really hit the spot.
Then I lounged with my babes for awhile, Boyfriend caught this silly picture of me and my Husky Raider. He such a cuddle bug, huge tounge lol
Shower, and then sleep! Nights!

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