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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

(B) Whole Wheat Pita w/ Egg Whites, Slice of Low Fat Ham, Shredded Cheese (Very small amount), Sliced tomatoes topped with Mustard ++ a unbelieveably unhealthy coffee, so yuck for body, but so yum for tastebuds! Reallly need a different morning wake me up beverage! 264 Calories
(L) Garden Salad which Included: Romaine Lettuce, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Red Peppers + Ranch Dressing, Also had some extra cucumbers, peppers and carrots on the side. Veggie Overload! - 197 Calories

(S) 1 Cup Grapes + Soy Misto from SBux 184 Cals
(D) Clam Chowder from Momma!
(S) Cookie 55 Cals

Total: 700 without the chowder, but I HIGHLY doubt it's more than 900 Calories (which is what my total alottment w/ the exersize I did was for the day) So I'm calling it a good day : )

Brother is back from his trip home tonight, I believe he is bringing goodies, which include soups and fresh produce so we'll see what's on the menu for dins, may just have a nice bowl of chicken soup or clam chowder and call it even.

Tonights "get'r done" list includes!
- Hit Auto Parts store for SH
- Purolator (Have a package, big mystery) DONE! Was a gift card from my Credit Card Company!!
- Drop off Netbook with Computer Buddy (So not my thing) -- Forgeted it lol
- Mail away course completions (FINALLY!) DONE!
- Vacuum (Insane amounts of puppy hair!) Didnt get a chance, BUT weekly cleans are Fridays so probably just wait until then now.
- Puppy Walk + Some sort of addition exersize (Run or possibly Wii Fit) Only puppy walk, town adventures took to long, didn't get home til 715, and had to walk babies and make dinners.
- Make Lunches for Tomorrow's Dones, Tuna Wraps, Veggies and Fruit for SH, and Chowder + Veggies for myself!

Updatedness: Brother came back with lots of goodies from home, fresh produce including peppers, lettuce, carrots, cherries, and SO many great herbs from my grandma's garden! Woot! Spaghetti sauce tomorrow is going to be DELICIOUS! Mom also sent up some of her famous Clam Chowder, which isn't really much of a chowder, has more of a soup consistency but its JAM packed with Veggies & Clams and a weee bit of wine hehe, so delish! She also sent up some lovely turkey soup that I have yet to try but I'm sure is fabo. Grandma sent her special choco chip cookies with a twist, she used splenda instead of sugar, she was thinking of the SH who is diabetic <- Currently working on getting him to eat healthier as well. Off to visit pups and give them there treat I got today and then sleeps!! Nights

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