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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Foodies 2 days
(B) Whole Wheat Wrap w/ Egg Whites, Cheese, Slice of Low Fat Ham, Tomatoes & Mustard + Bad Bad Coffee LOL! 288 Calories
(S) Coffee (Also BAD!) 75 Calories
(L) Clam Chowda from Momma! Guesstimated at 400 Cals *Exersize clearly needed tonight lol!
(S) 1/2 Cup Grapes 30 Cals
(D) Spaghetti (whole wheat noodles) 509 Cals (Probably a bit high, sauce was pretty healthy and I picked out a lot of the ground beef and gave it to my SH)

(S) Low Fat Pudding 45 Cals

Totals Guesstimated @ 1,272 - 323 (Yoga) = 949 Ish. LOL! Good Day = D

Sent away my last Bio Mod yesterday, YAY! Just have to get the tests done, gonna study for the first, then fly out do it that day or the following and then study for the weekend for #2 and complete that on a Monday and then probably make another trip out for #3 and #4. Was going to speak to them to see if I can do them here but I'm kind of doubting it because it's a different province. We'll seeeeee though!

Little dissapointed today, totally forgot to set my DVR for Caitlin on The Today Show before work, was really looking forward to seeing it but I'm sure she'll have a link on her blog to watch it, for us silly people who forgot! Operation beautiful is amazing! I'm getting the book ASAP! - Saw Caitlin in the clip when I got home from work, she was so lovely = D

Tonights plan .. a puppy walk + some Wii and some dinner making, on sunday I'm going to be planning meals for the week! Kind of excited, man I'm a loser lol! - Puppy walk got put aside, got caught up with Yoga and Wii Fit Boxing (LOL!) They played in the yard all afternoon though so were fully tired at bedtime.

I have two new fav tv shows that I'm getting addicted to! Rookie Blue, a police show, clearly about rookie cops, already renewed for a 2nd season thank Jebus! AAANNNDDD Boston Med, which is apparently an 8 part documentary series, just inlove with it, guess it's ending soon though : ( I don't watch a lot of TV lately .. use to really keep up with shows every week but lately the only thing I find myself catching new episodes of is the cartoons, like Simpsons and Family guy and that's only cause the SH watches them. He's really into 24 too which I just cannot get into, and Lost which I need to back track and watch all the episodes if I want to follow along there and honestly, just not that interested ..


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