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Friday, July 2, 2010

Work was so slow today, the time was just crawling by. Was retarded.

(B) Pita bread w/ peanut butter & Banana + Coffee 322 Cals
(L) Turkey Sub w/ Mustard + Diet Icetea 280 Cals
(S) Banana Beach Smoothie 128 Calories
(S) Vitamin Water 10 Cals
(D) Pita + Turkey Sauage w/ Pickles, Veggie Cheese + Mustard & Veggies and Dip 455 Cals *Ouch..*
Total: 1,195

Walked 30 Mins w/ Animals : )
Ran/Walk Combo - 5 Walk 25 Run 5 Walk

Saturday Plans ...
  • Basement organization
  • Try to revive grass ; )
  • Investigate Mat for basement work outs
  • Dinner + Movie w/ James
  • Run/Walk Combo - 5 Walk 15 Run 5 Walk 10 Run 5 Walk
  • Walk with Doglets : )
Home life is .. frustrating. And that's the most positive word to describe it. I thought having my brother live with me would be a good plan, but apparently it's just causing a lot of tension. He has 85 different personalities. Ugh. Don't want to get into the entire thing again. Trying to stay positive, feel great tonight, proud that I was able to run an extra 5 mins today even after taking a day off. Toe is a bit sore, not sure if it's my runners.. pretty sure its not because it was like that before, if anything I think they are making it better : ) Anyways, off to stalk blogs, lounge, enjoy some wata, posssibly a tea and watch a movie with my hunny. Nights.

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  1. just wanted to say thanks for your lovely comments on my blog!! the saturday plans sounds awesome . . . before and after pix of the basement, perhaps? makes it more fun in my experience :)