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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Changed my layout a bit, new background, wanted something a little more fun = D

Bit of a late start to the day, was going to start running in the mornings starting today but I ran for 25/10 last night and my legs were a bit sore this morning, didn't want to overdue it. Not a whole lot on the go today, might have lunch with the bf soon if he wakes up in time (He's on nightshift tonight) And probably going to see the 3rd Twilight Movie Eclipse tonight and having WOK BOX for dinner! So stoked! Yummm! Have to keep my calories down for the day, Stir fry dish is lik 440 something, so worth it though. I think it's technically a bit less cause I usually get half the amonut of rice and add more veggies, or just don't eat half the rice if someone is working that won't sub it for me.

Fuuds Tadah'
(B) Eggo Waffle w/ Peanut Butter and 1/2 Banana + Soy Misto 269 Cals

Plannnnnnsssss today..//\\..
  • Basement Organizing! NEED to do this today + Basement Work out Mats? C-tire? (Will definetly take before and after photos, solid idea :)!! )
  • Sheets / Bathrooms - Get er done'
  • Grass Situation - May leave this for Sunday
  • Run/Walk Combo - 5 Walk 15 Run 5 Walk 10 Run 5 Walk
  • Doggie Walkies 30 Mins Minimum!
  • Dinner + Movie with Jameus! = Wok Box + Eclipse! Woot = D

Update Later :)

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