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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day !!!

Well I woke up late today (9:30AMish). Felt very refreshed though so maybe I needed it. Decided to have a lunch style breakfast instead of traditional. I had made tuna for the BFs lunch last night and had some left over in the fridge so I went with that on a pita broken into two pieces with a bit of lettuce and mustard, was pretty flipping delicious! Decided to head into work for a little bit just to finish up a few things and grabbed a Soy Misto on the way, definetly my all time new fav starbucks drink, 80 calories for the Grande' and oh so delicous!

(B) Pita w/ Tuna, Lettue & Mustard + Wata! 230 Cals!
(S) Soy Misto 80 Calories
(L) Banana Beach Smoothe 255
(D) Kung Pao stir fry w/ Chicken

Couple Plans today Include ...

  • Rollerblading with a friend (Fingers Crossed! He seems alil busy) Check!!
  • Walk with the puppies once it cools down, kind of hot for the Northern Monsters! Check!
  • Organizing the basement X Weekend
  • Investigating the lawn issue, dead spots, UGH! To busy
  • Stirfry prep for dinner Done n Done
  • Tredmill Run - Mad at myself, ate to late.
  • Possible Sheets/Bathrooms <-- May leave this for the weekend though Weeeeekend
  • Check on P90X plan! - Downloaded, may be a bit to much to take on right now..
  • Reformat the Netbook "Joey" - Didn't get around to it.

Update later!!

Not in a great mood. Blog tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for checking out my blog - Hope you got to go rollerblading today, I haven't been rollerblading for EVER and it's so much fun!