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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today..x//x *Update Later w/ Dinner + Any Snacks!
(B) Oatmeal w/ tsp Peanut Butter + 1/2 Banana 190 Cals
(S) Tall Soy Misto 60 Cals Yumm!
(S) Apples w/ Peanut Butter 128 Cals
(L) Tuscan Meatball with Farfalle Pasta Soup + Water 150 Cals
(D) Pita w/ Salad + Pickle 229 Cals
(S) Popcorn w/ Butter 189 Cals
Total:: 945 Cals .. ok seriously, I ate more than that!

Evening Plan ../.../\...\..
  • Meeting Ted RE: Evening Cleaning Contract @ 7:00PM
    (Possibility to bring in an extra 600 a month!) - Meeting Changed to July 2nd.
  • Walk Animals - 45 Mins Minimum - 30 Minutes, Weather wasn't cooperating
  • Run/Walk 20/10 Mins - Check!!
  • P90X Download- Tomorrow!
  • Reformatt Netbook- Tomorrow!
  • Put away laundry - Check!
  • Vaccuming/Washed Floors - Not planned, but done :)

Possibly off work for Canada Day, may work a few hours just to finish up a few things. Need to clean the house a bit (Vaccuming & Bedding) and make sure the animals get two solid walks in!

Update later.

I made ground beef patties for dinner but for some reason I just couldnt stomach the taste..it was so weird, Bf ate the exact same meat and be said it tasted fine so I dunno what that was about. Couple of things I didn't get done tonight but have the day tomorrow to finish some things :) Hopefully the weather is good and Myself and a friend can go rollerblading!

E- Plan tomorrow!

  • Rollerblading
  • 20 Min Run / 10 Min Walk
  • Hour Puppy Walk
"21 days to form a habit"

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