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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekend was alright. Food wise I did ok for the most part, wasn't exactly spectacular but it definetly could have been a lot worse.

Todayx - Back on track with Daily's
Cheerios + Milk 180 Cals + Coffee 30 Cals
Apple w/ Peanut Butter 142 Cals
Tuscan Minestrone Soup + Water 208 Cals
Montrel Chicken W/ Sml Amount Potato, Cauliflower + Broccoli (Didnt eat all my chicken)
Romaine w/ Cukes, Toms, Peppers + Ranch Fat Free Dressing 435 Cals

1,005 .. Seems a bit low, I thought I ate a lot today.. Maybe I added wrong ... : /

Evening Plans .<.<>.>.
  • Puppy Walk 45 Mins Check! One Hour
  • DreadMill 30 Mins Check! 20 Mins Running @ 3.5 mph
  • Laundry Check!
  • Grocery Shopping Check! $150.00
Really need to step things up, 2 weeks into my plan and have made little to NO progress in most areas. Going out of town doesn't help fitness/food/finance situations at all, just makes things harder. Still haven't done ANYTHING towards schooling, really getting down about that situation, everytime I start something I get discouraged and just stop, doesn't help that I keep changing my mind about what I want to do. Works ok, stale and not enjoying it one bit, but need the money and the moneys good, so sticking it out. Such is life I suppose. It would be such a dream come true to find a career that I truly loved, I wonder how many people can really say that they really love there job.. Well I can think of ONE person, but that's it, ok maybe two, but there all people I know only through the net. Anyways, going to finish up some stuff and maybe work away at Bio.

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