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Thursday, June 24, 2010

(B) Special K w/ Milk + Vitamin Water 170 Cals
(S) Vitamin Water (Jus' so Yum!) 10 Cals
(L) Smart Ones Microwavable Pasta (Was Running Late) 290 Cals

Sigh, I sold my truckie awhile back cause insurance was just insane expensive to drive it and I just didn't really use it that much. Ended up making friends with the guy who bought it and he totally wrote it off, just demolished the thing. I understand that it's just a truck but still upset about it, I really loved that thing and put a lot of effort into making it how I wanted it, just sucks.

Going out of town tomorrow to visit the inlaws, little nervous about food/cals this weekend, not sure how to go about the situation without looking like a tard. I don't want to openely say I'm trying to lose weight cause I KNOW I'll just get the eye roll, "Oh yeah.. uhm good luck with that" I can just see it now. Bringing the dogs so they will need there walkies but still, going to be a challenge. It's almost a good thing though, see how commited I really am to the situation, hopefully it works out for the best.

Update Later. I'm thinking Subway for dinner, or maybe a Shrimp Stir Fry at home, we'll see.

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