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Friday, July 16, 2010

Woke up a bit late today. Really need to get this sleeping thing in order. Going from lazing around ALL day to working out 1 hr + really makes you sore and tired and when you don't get enough sleep it really drains you. Got maybe 6 hours last night, which I guess isn't horrible, but like I said, slept in a bit, technically should have only gotten 5 if I had got up on time lol. Would REALLY like to start working out in the morning too, even if it's just 30Mins Yoga or a Puppy Walk but the motivation isn't there at all lately lol.

Fuds . , . ,
(B) PC Thin W/ PB & Banana + Coffee 213 Cals
(L) Clam Chower + Vitamin Water (Was not as good as I was hoping, total let down) 240 Cals
(D) 3/4 Cup Rise, 3 Oz Chicken, Steamed Broccoli and Cauliflower & Sml Side Salad w/ Ranch 418 Cals
Total: 870 .. Would have ate more, just wasn't hungry.

30 Mins Wii
1 Hour Racquet Ball *So fun, I suck, but super tiring! : )

../..\.. !TGIF! ../..\..

Weekend Plans
=/= Vaccuming
=/= Dishes - Done, well sorta, there will be more Im sure!
=/= Dusting
=/= Wash Sheets/Towels
=/= Clean Bathrooms (Master & 1/2)
=/= Lawn Care (LOL!)
=/= Laundry
=/= Wash Windows / Doors with Puppy Prints
=/= Brush Rayne Bear
Weekend Exersize Plans
=/= Friday - 1 Hour Puppy Walk + Combo Run * Plan Changed ^^ Above!
=/= Saturday - 30 Min AM Puppy Walk, 1 HR PM Puppy Walk + Yoga & Wii
=/= Sunday - 30 Min AM Puppy Walk, 1 HR PM Puppy Walk + Combo Run

I was going to go to Wally World this weekend and get the rest of the things I need to do P90X but I might investigate downloading a KB video, or something similar, maybe even Power 90 or Turbo Jam first. Haven't totally decided yet. Well work to do, update later :)

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