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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Oh lovely saturday, how I wish I did not have to work on you! lol

Items needing accomplishment today
- Vaccuming - Done
- Dusting - Done
- Laundry - Just about Done
- Sheets/Towels - In machine
- Clean Bathrooms & Laundry Room - Done
- Brushing Rayne Done
- Hour Puppy Walk Was exhausted from cleaning!
- Lawn Care (Probably Sunday) - Didnt get a chance

Boyfriend is on night shift so I have to wait until like 7 (Which is ok, working anyways) to do pretty much everything except the laundry which is already downstairs and in the process as I type, and I can brush Rayne but she'll probably start making a lot of noise so might have to wait, DEFINETLY doing that before Vaccuming, otherwise I might as well not vaccum at all.

(B) PC Thin w/ PB & Banana + Misto 268 Cals
(L) Chilli Salad 400 Cals
(D) Alfredo Sauce w/ WW Noodles, Shrimp & Broccoli + Pepsi 450 Cals
(S) Popcorn 200 Cals
total: 1318 .. Ugh
*Not real impressed with that, the number is ok just wish I would have eaten a few more healthy things so I could of had more actual food.

* 2 hours of house cleaning

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