If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Todays ..x.x
(B) Special K w/ Skim + Coffee w/ International Creamer -Lil mad at myself for the coffee but not going to let it be the end of the world - 250 Cals
(L) Campbells Bean & Lentil Soup 140 Cals + Water 0 cals = )
(S) Cucumber & Carrots 65 Calories
(D) Pictured below!! 413 Cals Half a Whole wheat bun w/ lite laughing cow cheese, cucumber, lettuce, mustard and seasoned chicken breast + Romaine w/ cukes and tomote + ranch dressing. SO YUM! Bf's is on the left lol
Total: 867 WTF!!!! Ugh!!

FYI I get all my food cal info from an iphone app called Lose it! It's awesome : )

Xersize Plans 2Night! = D
1) Walk the dogs! Hopefully a full hour walk tonight :) 40 Minutes, still good though, was a bit to hot for them to walk to much further, they are VERY furry lol
2) Ran/Walk Combo Done Walk 5, Ran 20 then stretched
3) Wii Work out, If I have the time,
MAKE THE TIME! Haha! 35 Minutes at Wii, Yoga + Cardio

Items to Accomplish this evenin'...
Download new workout tunes! STILL DIDNT DO THIS!
Possibly play Sims 3 IF time allows it (All exersize must be completed!) Meh, to tired lol


  1. Love your gym! looks like a great place to work out!

  2. Any specific tunes you are planning to download?!