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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Had a productive day, got some school work done, and bought a new truck haha!

Todays x.//x.
(B) 1/2 Bagel w/ peanut butter & Banana 208 Cals
(S) Sml Amount Grapes & Strawberries 49 Cals
(L) Campbells Bean and Lentil Soup 140 Cals
(S) Sml Amount Grapes & Strawberries 49 Cals
(S) 1/4 Bagel w/ laughing cow cheese 72 Cals
(D) 6" Turkey Subway Sandwhich 315 Cals
Total: 834 Calories .. I feel like I ate a lot and I'm not hungry I duno..

Walking with Pups 1 hour - Approx - 272 cals

Didn't run or do yoga tonight, was feeling a bit over worked so just relaxing tonight and enjoying some down time with the bf! Also pretty excited to go and get my new truckie tomorrow = )! Definetly needed something with more room for the pups! Will post some pictures tomorrow!

Nun nights for now

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  1. hi tiabella! i answered your question on my site too but here it is. re: nursing: tiabella, i have a huge amount of respect for the nurses i work with and the field in general. they are every bit as important -- if not more so -- when it comes to patient outcomes and the patient experience. i think it's a wonderful career choice (and perhaps one that lends itself to more balance than the path i chose). i agree that there is not a huge bridge between the two BUT if you were to do nursing, you could decide to become a nurse practitioner later on and they function very much like an MD, just with more supervision (and often better hours!). i have several friends who are nurses so i could probably hook you up with them for more info if interested so let me know!

    side note: of course everyone's different, but i have to say i think i eat twice what you do if not more :) are you sure you don't need to be getting MORE calories?