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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I am just flipping exhausted this morning. Went to bed not TOO late, around 12:30 and was up at 6:30. I know I should be getting more sleep and I'm working on it but I'm just not having much luck in that area. I will lay down at 11 and be up way later, TV in the bedroom probably doesn't help. Suppose to be going for dinner with friends tonight, we will see, going to check out the restaraunt website and map out a low calorie meal for the evening just incase we do go.

(B) Special K w/ Skim Milk 160 Cals
(S) Sml Coffee w/ Creamer + Sugar 60 Cals (UGH! Bad! Was just SO tired)

(L) Campbells Soup + Water 210 Cals
(S) Apple w/ Peanut Butter 145 Cals + Green Tea 0 Cals
(D) Baja Shrimp Salad 400 Cals + Diet Coke
Total: 975 Cals. Okay, WTF, I ate a lot today and did not in anyway feel hungry. Ugh! Is it bad to eat that little?

Exersize Plans this evening..
- Puppy Walk (45 Minutes Minimum) Only walked 20 minutes, but was walkin 3 dogs lol little difficult!
- Run/Walk Combo - Walked 5 Ran 20 Walked 5 Ran 5 Walked 5 -
- Wii Work Out < -- Was to busy BUT! Cleaned a friends house for 1.5 Hrs Burned approx 200 Cals

I would love to know how people get motivated to wake up at 5AM to go running, what time do these people hit the hay at night!? So jealous. Wish I had that motivation.

Update later.

Went out for dinner with the BF, had a Baja Salad w/ Shrimp. It's suppose to come with a Santa Fe Ranch dressing but I always opt out of that and get a side of sour cream and a side of regular salsa. Salad comes with Iceberg lettuce, tortilla strip chips (which I never eat), Shredded Cheddar, Tomatoes and a corn medley type thing (which again, I never eat). The calorie content on the site for the Salad is 410, and considering I only ate half of it and opted out of dressing and the chips the actual calorie intake on that is probably a lot lower, which means I ate even less! It's so weird. I remember eating so much before but lately I try not to sit down to much. Try to constantly be going and doing something cause there is just about alawys something to do. For example last night, when I got home from work I cleaned up the kitchen a bit, took puppies for a walk, went for dinner, cleaned a friends house, went to the store for a new water bottle and a magazine, picked up my bro's girlfriend from work and then came home and ran/walked 45 minutes on the tredmill, had a shower and went to bed. I think I sat on the couch for all of maybe 20 minutes and honestly, loved every little bit of it. As long as I make a plan during the day to stick to it works out pretty good usually, as I have SOMETHING to do and I always feel like I need to get as much done on my list as possible, makes me feel like I have accomplished something for the day : )


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  1. You asked what time people go to bed at when they get up at 5 am to workout?

    10 pm. In bed, lights off by NO LATER than 10 pm.

    At least that's what works for me. And what keeps me motivated to do this? The fact that I can then enjoy a) not having to worry about a workout for my entire work day and b) the endorphin buzz and good mood that accompanies the buzz. These both last pretty much all day long.

    And finally - you really should eat more calories than 975 in a day. If you're not careful about eating ENOUGH your body will stop shedding the pounds. It could also permanently damage your metabolism if you keep it up for long enough.