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Monday, July 5, 2010

(B) Waffle w/ peanut butter & Banana + Soy Misto
(L) Greek Salad + Water
(S) Apple w/ Peanut Butter
(D) Pesto Chicken w/ Sml Amount Noodles & Brocoli and cauliflower + Diet Sprite
(S) Steeped tea w/ Milk and Sweetner
Total: 1,010 Cals ... I'm not even meaning to eat that little, I dunno what's up.

Wii Work Out - Burned Approx 294 Calories
Vaccuming - Burned Approx 80 Calories

Busy day at work, got lots done. Boyfriend is working his last night shift tonight, one last night to myself so I think I'm going to have to find some motivation and get a bunch done.

Items I would like to accomplish this evening include...

  • Walk with Babies + my adopted Girlie for the week (Looking after a Friends dog) They were kind of exhausted from playing so we didn't do a walkies
  • Run/walk Combo 2:30 walk 20:00 run 2:30 walk (Add extra if feeling up to it) Was a bit to tired from the Wii workout, the yoga really made my legs sore!
  • Wii Work out, Some kickboxing and possibly Yoga : ) Yoga + Boxing + Randoms 1 HR Wii Work out!
  • Download some new workout tuneski's - Jeeze, this is taking me forever to get to!
  • Vaccum + Clean Bathrooms (Possibly) - Done and Not Done lol
  • Unload the dishwasher - Absolutely! - Check!

After a look at my June budget and what I actually spent.. I almost had a heartattack. $950 on food, yes FOOD, like how does that even happen! Between buying groceries and eating out it's just out of freaking control. And the thing that is the worst about it is we go shopping, buy lots of stuff for dinners, and then the bf decides he wants to eat out so we have all this food around (that sometimes goes bad). It's super frustrating! I'm not going to beat myself up about it because we did have the Vegas trip in June and that didn't help, but if August 1st rolls around and I'm THAT much over my food budget, I'm going to lose my freakin' mind, I swear. July is going to be a tight month, well every month is going to be a tight month from now on, need to get in the groove of paying things off and starting to save, hello savings account! I'm sorry I have neglected you! I was thinking about getting a part time job to offset some bills but the more I thought about it the more complicated it was getting. Clearly it would have to be in the evenings after work, and honestly with all my other goals right now I just do not have the time. I'm trying (failing atm) to finish up school stuff, trying to commit myself to exersize and healthy eating. If I'm working until 5:30 at one job, then til 9 at another job, even just an hour or two out of the house in the evenings kind of just messes with my plans at the moment. Right now, my health and getting into shape is more important that having extra money that let's face it; I'll just end up spending on things that I don't need. Once I have my few school courses completed and I'm dedicated and have found a good work out routine that fits me then maybe I will persue a part time job to get the finance situation rolling, until then I'm just going to cut back. I wonder if that's the right choice? I guess we will see.

Nursing or Power Engineering. -- Seriously couldn't have picked two more differenet career choices. I'm a bit loopy I think.

Update later

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