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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Well..woke up feeling alright but when I started to talk my mouth started to hurt a lot so I stayed home from work today. Took the pups for a long walk and came home and made a nice breakfast for myself and my hunny, his was about the same as mine, just doubled lol.

Pita w/ Egg Cheese & Ham + Mustard, few potatoes, Sml Bowl of Cherries, Grapes, Strawberries + Yogart and sml handful special k.

Yummy, but hurt my teeth a bit.


Ugh, went downtown with the BF just to get out and about, was going to grab a couple groceries but that didn't happen. We have been talking about getting a newer truck to take the place of the pickup that he has, it's getting higher KMS and he wants to try to keep them down as its kind of a project/show truck. Anyways, I had made it very clearly that I did not want to buy BRAND new because spending that kind of money on a truck we don't really even need is ridiculous, well ME spending that kind of money as he can't afford it with his car payment and the house payment, which I toally understand I don't expect him to pay for the truck, I just don't see why we NEED a brand new one. Anyways, he drags me into the sales office and gets the guy to do up a quote on monthly payments and stuff totally disregarding what I had already said about NOT wanting to spend that, the guy is giving me like the monthly payment plans doing the regular salesman crap, why buy used when new is only .. uhm 10 grand more? Hello.. I'm trying to be polite just trying to wave if off and the BF keeps looking at me like well can you afford it, can you?, can you? and like just waiting for me to agree to it. I was so mad. He can be so inconsiderate of my feelings and my choices it's ridiculous, and then he was mad at me for being upset with him, so frustrating. Turned an alright day into the worse and I had no motivation to do anything but sulk after that. Like #1, sure I can afford it but I don't WANT THAT, #2 Not everyone considers just scraping buy as AFFORDING something, #3, I enjoy having a savings account, and #4 He KNEW I was thinking about going back to school. Was just so hurt that he would even put me in that situation to begin with, probably won't ever take him looking for a vehicle again, it was humiliating. Ugh.

Made Spaghetti & Ceasar Salad for Dinner
Had 3 Crackers w/ Creame Cheese for a Snack

Total: Approx 1,215 - 347 (Walks with Pups) = 869
Hard to calculate cals in Spaghetti = /

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