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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's funny that when you are eating pretty clean foods for awhile and your 'oh so loving boyfriend' convinces you to have Chinese food for dinner so I don't have to cook, how unbelieveably disgusting and tired it can make you feel, not to mention want to eat everything else in sight. Putting it out of my mind! Getting back to my regular choices today. Thinking about investing some time and money into some lifeguarding courses. The pay here is pretty good with lots of room for advancement and raises, and even if I didn't do it as a fulltime job it would be a great way to pick up some part time work, all courses involved only comes up to about $450 bucks, well worth the money in my opinion. Going to check it out tonight after work : ) Great perks too, awesome health benefits, free rec center pass (Olympic pools, indoor running tracks, squash courts, ice rinks, fitness center, etc!)

Brekifest! Whole Wheat Toast w/ PB and Banana, Super Yum : )
Went up to the Cafeteria with the Girls for lunch, raided the salad bar a bit. Ended up with quite the assortment, noodle salad which was like eating pure mayo (ick, passed on most of it), some lovely boiled potatoes in a garlic cream sauce (YUM!), taco salad ish stuff ( the taco salad bowl was like ALL ground beef and cheese, I put a bed of reg lettuce underneat and just added a bit on top, was delcious!) PLUS some greek salad (very small portion) and some raw veggies along with a diet pepsi. Was rather filling : )

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  1. Eh don't worry about the Chinese food too much. We all have to splurge once in a while ;) LOVE salad bars. I swear I could hit up Whole Foods' bar every night if my wallet could afford it!