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Monday, July 12, 2010

Feeling a bit more energized today, maybe it's just cause I ate broccoli with Ceasar dressing and it was like heaven in my mouth! Yum.

(B) PC Thin w/ Peanut Butter & Banana + Soy Misto 213 Cals
(L) Minestrone Soup + Water 210 Cals
(S) Sml Amount Cantaloupe 54 Cals
(S+) Carrots, Cukes, Broccoli + Dressing 173 Cals
(D) Taco Salad w/ Ground Beef + Veggies 345 Cals
(S) Sml Handful of Baked Chips 100 Cals (If that!)

Suppose to be going to help a friend clean tonight, and probably the rest of the week as well. Not looking forward to it really but could use the money and it's good exersize, so we'll see. Productive workday for sure. Was going to start P90X this morning but slept horrible last night, and if I'm going to be cleaning at night I don't think I'm going to have the energy, up at 5 for P90X, work a 10 hour day then clean for four hours? I'll have no energy at all, the earliest I'll be able to sleep is 11, if not 12.

What would be more important to you, working out financial situations or getting healthy/losing weight? I do have a good job and if I budget I can still pay off certain things, just takes a bit more time, Ugh, I could really use some input.

Unsure about what to have for dinner, Update later.


Didnt end up going cleaning, got home and just had so much on my plate felt a bit overwhelmed. Finally after a few days off I went for a run and honestly, feel so much better, not a 100% but definetly up there. Right now it just doesn't seem worth it to bust my butt for that extra money when that effort should really be dedicated to being more healthy and getting school issues done. I can still dedicate some effort to money issues, just by sticking to my budget. Thinking sleep soon, pretty tired.

Run - 227 approx
Walk with Dogs - 131 approx
Vaccuming! - 81 approx

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