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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

As silly as this sounds, I'm like terrified for lunch today. We are having a celebration lunch at work and they ordered pizza. Two slices of pizza will like destory my calorie intake for the day, I asked if they could order salads but apparently that was a no go and I can't just sit in my office as people will literally drag me over to the pizza to eat. Ugh! I'm thinking two slices of Veggie pizza (Cause I know I'm not going to be able to eat JUST one), minus the crust and maybe picking off a bit of cheese? I'm going to attempt to eat just one, I brought some cut up veggies to go with my lunch but I'm not sure my willpower is there today. Wish me Luck, Gonna need it.

(B) Banana + Soy Misto 185 Cals

(L) Two Slices Veggie Pizza - Crust & Cheese Approx 425 Cals *Had a few toppings off another piece, added some cals.
(D) 8 shrimp, Sml piece of chicken, broccoli + cauliflower, 1/3 cup whole wheat noodles + salad w/ ranch dressing
total:. 1,007

Xersize plans tonight
Run on Dredmill 20 mins + (Didn't do this, did extra Wii instead)
Wii Work Out Min 30 Mins - 60 Mins, 30 Min Random Games, 3o Mins Yoga
Walk Babies Min 30 Mins - Hour long walkies!
Approx burnt: -553

Update later..

OK PIZZA I HATE YOU! I ended up eating two slices of Veggie Pizza, picked off all the cheese and didn't eat the crust. Was nice to satisfy that junk food craving but honestly..wasn't that good. The crust tasted really doughy and just odd, much rather have a thin crust loaded with Veg and VERY small amount of cheese. The Pizza Place website says they are 210 Calories per slice, x2 = 420 BUT I didn't eat the crust so I'm going to minus -20 and I didn't eat the cheese so I'm going to minus -60, Pizza total per my calculation is .. 340 .. Defiently NOT the end of the world = D Honestly super proud of myself! There was meatlovers, and BBQ Chicken and Supreme and AHH! I opted for the Veggie and did some modifications! Few strange looks but who cares!! I have a feeling I'm goign to have a bit of a stomach ache later today though, have been eating so good lately, we'll see. Probably another update later! As silly as it is, this blog is good at keeping me accountable.

Update::..:: Had a great evening, long puppies walk, good Wii work out, made dinner and lunches for tomorrow, and got to lounge a bit, definetly feeling good about today being so productive. Hopefully sleeping by 12 tonight, earlier would be great. Post morrow!!

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